Publication support: translation and editing service

Potential clients

To be a successful 21st-century scientist, you must compete with global-level researchers. The most important way to do this is to get your work published in high-impact journals which attract other researchers' attention. There are many hurdles in the way, such as language, preparation, defending against reviewers' criticisms, resubmitting, etc. We help you get your data published by providing clues and key points to getting past these hurdles.

Advantages of using RECONESIS

RECONESIS provides support for the series of processes involved in publication in terms of language, theory and structure, submission, defense against critical comments and resubmission.

1. Difficulties in language

One of the problems for authors, especially non-native English speakers, is that scientific English is not plain American English or the Queen's English. You must use scientific English to pique the interest of the editor and reviewers, and later of the readers, in order to get your paper read. Scientific papers are not novels, and require a different, specific structure and expression. A basic approach and format must be followed, or your paper will be in the garbage bin even before reviewers have a chance to see it. We will ensure that your paper is written so as to pass editors' and reviewers' scrutiny.

2. Theoretical thinking and structure

It is said that some researchers are not used to structure-based thinking. If the structure is not solid, the paper may not even get past the editor to reviewers.

3. When you submit...

When you submit a paper, you must be meticulous about following the journal submission instructions, including table and figure formats that may differ among journals. The cover letter must serve to correctly introduce the paper. We will save your valuable time by ensuring that your paper is not returned by the editor because of mistakes. We help you check the final package.

4. Defend against criticisms

You may feel depressed when you get negative comments from the reviewers, but don't worry! We will use our experience to defend against such criticism, either by rebutting the criticisms or by suggesting additional research and data analysis. In many cases, time can be saved by clearing up misunderstandings by the reviewers, which may render unnecessary any additional research and/or analysis requested by the reviewers.

5. In order to easily resubmit...

It's not uncommon to have to resubmit the paper to other journals. This often involves significant format changes, especially to the reference formats. We can use EndNote to minimize the additional time required for this and to keep your references organized.

Examples of previous work

  1. Edited several biomedical engineering publications related to surgical and diagnostic devices for a group at Tokyo Women's Medical University. Two of these papers have already been accepted.
  2. Edited several neurosurgery publications for another group at Tokyo Women's Medical University.
  3. Edited a neurosurgery publication for a third group at Tokyo Women's Medical University, which was accepted very soon after submission.

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